Once upon a time in a small village in Corfu called Sinies, there were many Cherry Trees (kerasies). The villagers used to collect the cherries and take them into Corfu Town in order to sell them.

As there weren’t any roads with immediate access, they would load the cherries onto small boats and send them to Kerkyra by sea.

This took place from a pier on a nearby beach which through the years came to be called Kerasia.

Near the pier two brothers had a small olive press.

Since 1973

The years went by and in 1973 the two brothers, Nikatsas and Andreas, decided to open a small family taverna in its place.

They wanted to offer the first tourists arriving in Corfu, traditional food made with tender loving care.

In 2002

In 2002 Kerasia Taverna passed onto the next generation, who with 40 years of experience continue to serve customers fresh food journeys with the smell from the sea.